a 10-minute breathwork practice that can be used to cultivate balance, equanimity, and of course, Grace- through the use of alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana) the mind will begin to center + settle, connecting you deeper into self.

a breathwork and meditation to explore both the subtlety and expansiveness of the breath -using sama vritti (equal breathing) and hikani mudra to cultivate inner balance + integration

a breathwork and meditation to explore duality, you will begin to witness how these opposing energies actually work in harmony to support you in feeling balanced and at ease

a daily practice to both ground + energize you for the day ahead, using the feet as your anchor and flushing the system of any unneeded/stagnant energy, this practice can be done any time of day but may be most supportive first thing in the morning

combining breathwork (breath of fire) with specific yoga poses to support an increase in energy, stamina and mental focus, and clear the body’s systems of any unwanted toxins, improve digestion, increase lung capacity, soothe and balance the nervous and circulatory systems, and maintain endocrine function

Shitali Karana is a pranayama practice that sweeps breath through the body as a way of clearing what may be holding you back from Reclaiming your highest, most sacred self- this practice is best done lying down- in your sacred space, your bed or any other comfortable space

variations of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) with breath retention to keep you both anchored in the present and reveal yet unknown parts of self and pathways forward

breathwork and meditation paired with a mudra will be done in a supine bound angle pose to optimize the flow of energy to the root and sacral chakras, 3-part yogic breath will help cultivate a deeper awareness of these energy centers

Lauren Bentley will guide you through an expansive ritual to open yourself up to receive- intentional breathwork is a highly transformational practice, you may be amazed at how much your energy can shift from a single session

**PLEASE WATCH THIS INTRO VIDEO BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE PRACTICE ABOVE- there are necessary elements to know in terms of how the breath will be guided as well as contraindications.