a practice in listening to the wisdom of the body, a remembrance and knowing that anything and everything you ever need to know comes from within

through the graceful integration of Lotus Mudra, this dynamic sequence is crafted to bring in a renewed sense of lightness and clarity on what you want to carry forward with you into this new season and what you feel ready to leave behind

a meditation that is both grounding and opening,  you will connect into the Root and Third-eye chakras to establish a place of safety and stability in order to move forward and take action from the wisdom of your inner voice

a grounding flow to feel into our intention of Reclaim – where does that feeling live in the body? what are you wanting or needing to Reclaim in your life?

collect joy in this heart-expanding meditation, using gentle breathwork and guided visualization you will be led to imprint the feeling and sensation of joy in your being

this flow will have you moving in a circular pattern, creating an energetic mandala on your mat. With unexpected directions and transitions, we are inviting in the intention to allow for expansion from the confines of the familiar and routine

a funky heart-centered flow to drop out of the mind-body and into the heart-body, clearing space from scattered or repeating thought patterns, allowing the body to lead the way in wisdom and insight

a slow burn hatha practice will build an inner heat that will leave you feeling clear, focused and spacious- standing postures are held for 5-10 breaths with the intention of staying with the sensation and embodying each pose for its affect on the body

when we don’t allow ourselves to feel all the way through, emotions can get stuck, caught or trapped in the body- this practice uses movement and breath to support the release of what is wanting to be felt and bring you back into balance

a gentle releasing of the hips through fluid movements and dynamic stretching, this practice is perfect for when you need an emotional reset and replenish