Hi, I'm Kelly.

E-RYT 500, YACEP, creator of Ritual Lab

My mission is to guide you toward a path of self-discovery, to empower you with the tools needed to align with your highest, most authentic self.

I believe we all hold the power within to heal. But sometimes we need a little guidance + inspiration along the way. In my 8 years of teaching yoga, I have cultivated a tool-box of support:

Rituals I can turn to when I need to connect back to myself. Ritual Lab was born of this passion to share these tools so that you may also learn how to deeply listen to your inner voice, to relate to the energy around you, to receive the wisdom your body contains so that you can have authority over how you’re experiencing life.

I envision this as a space for you to create your very own Rituals each day. A space for you to reveal new layers of self… a space to practice with intention

And as always, I am here should you need anything.

With gratitude and grace,



Everyone. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years or 2 days, you will get something from these offerings. All classes are taught from a very broad scope so that seasoned practitioners, beginners and everyone in between will receive the benefits. Modifications and options are always offered.

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Absolutely not! Consider these an uplevel to your practice- an added layer of support should you have these tools available to you at home. The foundation of this portal is yoga (movement), meditation, breathwork and energy practices- the oils and crystals are like the icing on the cake. BUT really good icing! If you want to get started with essential oils, please reach out to Kelly. She has been educating and mentoring on essential oils since 2015 and is a leader with DoTerra. She will help you to get set up with everything you need.

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