a practice in listening to the wisdom of the body, a remembrance and knowing that anything and everything you ever need to know comes from within

a meditation that is both grounding and opening,  you will connect into the Root and Third-eye chakras to establish a place of safety and stability in order to move forward and take action from the wisdom of your inner voice

collect joy in this heart-expanding meditation, using gentle breathwork and guided visualization you will be led to imprint the feeling and sensation of joy in your being

practice begins with a meditation to bring awareness to knots, hold, constrictions in the body, to breath space and ease where needed, a unique gentle stretch follows to unlock the major joints and muscles and we close again with a short, healing meditation

a centering practice that will balance out right (masculine/activated) and left (feminine/receptive) through breath awareness and control – spend some time journaling or free writing after practice if time allows

a meditative breathwork practice that will bring you into balance in body, mind and energy, you will be guided to utilize sama vritti breathing (even fluctuations) to feel more centered and calm

this meditation is all about trusting yourself, mamas! throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood we are bombarded with outside opinions and ideas- cultivating that deeper, inner trust within is essential for you to stay grounded in your truth and your power throughout all stages of this beautiful motherhood journey

guide your awareness through different energy centers in the body to see what arises from this intention of Self Trust, exploring how you’re showing up and committing to yourself

a guided meditation to identify what you’re feeling, create space for it to be felt, and then cultivate the awareness that you are not defined by what you feel through allowing it to move through you