Rooted in Ritual

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What's included

your on-demand toolbox of yoga, meditation, breathwork and holistic resources to keep you rooted in ritual

members received updated and curated content based on the cycles of the sun + the moon -
every single element is selected with purpose and designed to support you in
how you're feeling and how you want to feel

Library of Supporting Practices

choose how you want to practice- by style, by intention, by astrology, by time in your day and more...use the filters to find the just-right practice for you

Rituals Guided
By the Moon

our calendar moves with the moon and recommended rituals are selected based on the lunar cycle, taking the guesswork out of which practice to choose each day

Monthly Astrology Handbooks

a one-sheeter of all the essentials - aspects, themes, chakras, mudras and more...these key elements with provide consistency + cohesion for your practice

Guest Offerings

a variety of instructors and guides to give their take on our intentions, providing more variety and diversity in your daily rituals and more depth and layers to how you practice

Live Virtual Classes

connect in real time for special events, pop-up classes and more- notifications will be sent out whenever one is scheduled

Tools to Uplevel

essential oil + crystal recommendations are given in accordance with each astrological archetype as well as within each specific practice - including exact placement and energetic affect on the body