Lauren Bentley

Space Holder

My name is Lauren Bentley and I am a Trauma Informed Mindfulness Teacher, Yogi and Somatic Practitioner.

It is my mission to help you strengthen your pathway home to your body, find sacred space, honor your emotions and let your body tell the story.

You already have everything you are looking for, it begins with the journey inward.

Lauren Bentley will guide you through an expansive ritual to open yourself up to receive- intentional breathwork is a highly transformational practice, you may be amazed at how much your energy can shift from a single session

**PLEASE WATCH THISĀ INTRO VIDEO BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE PRACTICE ABOVE- there are necessary elements to know in terms of how the breath will be guided as well as contraindications.

To transform your daily routines in inspired RITUALS

RITUAL LAB was created with intentional, energetically-aligned themes to help you access your inner wisdom + intuition and flow with ease in your life...