Ashley Walter

Meditation Instructor

Hi! I’m Ashley Eric Walter, but you can call me Ash.
(Yes, my middle name really is Eric.)

Let me start by saying that meditation is not about perfection. I am not some super zen shaman who has it all figured out. But I do know a thing or two about meditation and how it can change your life. My life began with more challenges than most. I spent a long time living in fear and learning how to survive in a place of trauma.
When my outer or inner world was in chaos, I’d turn to meditation. For years, it was the cooling salve on my soul’s wounds. But coming in and out of practice didn’t allow me to build on my own progress. The cycle would repeat itself.

And then I hit rock bottom.

With the walls down, there was finally space for myself, my truest self, to be heard. In that moment I finally surrendered to the knowing that I needed to prioritize my own wellness with proactive strategy.

Today, I am a Chopra Center certified meditation teacher. I dedicate myself to helping people find meaningful, sustainable change and peace in their inner-world through creatively designed meditation experiences and timeless meditation insights.

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